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NATNOTE: Apologies to the real Caitlyn Jenner.


shit talk




  1. I’m looking for a source for the use of snowflake in schindler’s list – the script doesn’t mention the term “snowflake” even once;('s-List.html)

    I can’t find a single use of snow or snowflakes in german or english being used online or in literary works or propaganda, I only found this which has it as a slur mostly because of its connotations to whiteness.

    • You say you can’t find any single use of that word online, yet afterwards you post a link that specifically explains how it’s used to describe various ethnic groups. So I can’t say I get the point you’re trying to make.

      • That’s not a source. It’s a single website with no citations. And it accepts submissions. Slurs have documented usage. This does not.

        I’m trying to figure out why you say “Anyone who has seen Schindler’s list would be able to tell you how deeply wrong that terminology is” because it’s not used in Schindler’s list.

        • My Webster’s dictionary doesn’t say anything about a slur requiring to be used in literature for it to be considered a slur. It mentions that the word in question has to be disparaging, and that’s about it. I’ll concede that it probably wouldn’t be accepted in academia as a proper reference, but I am not a scholar, just a cartoonist. Kudos though for taking me to task over my methodology, instead of resorting to name-calling.

  2. Your comic is a heaping pile of steaming shit. Yes, I am sorry your feefees got hurt, but get over it. You don’t just get to bash a whole University and a reputable advocacy centre because you did not like what a particular member said. Also you need to stop crying about the snowflake thing. I like how you dragged the holocaust into it even though the snowflake slur has LITERALLY nothing to do with that. But hey calling the kettle black right? You feel the need to use it as a race victim card because someone called you out. Put it away, it’s really getting unattractive and frankly people are getting tired of that shit.

    • Obviously, you missed the “pile of excrement” image that I posted below my comic. But regardless of whether or not you think my work has merit, it still falls under satire. And as such, it is my prerogative to call out the self-appointed leaders of society who abuse their power in ways that are unfitting of their position.

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