[ ART ]

This is a gallery of sci-fi sketches I made.  They’re not meant to be seen as being political.  Unless you want to find some secret hidden meaning in my renderings  that I wasn’t aware of… And for more drawings by me, Natacha #9 , please visit my deviantart gallery at:

THANKS!   ^_^

a graveyard for spacecrafts


Not within most life insurance coverage.

drugking spaceship

Powers as of yet undefined

... I wouldn't wanna be the plumber with that contract!

... in the middle of porting.

sketchbook entry under the letter "A"just a logo test from way back...Jack Elias with gas-mask

5 responses to “ART

  1. LOL didn’t know you were on deviantart. Shall go take a look

  2. When I was a kid, the idea of drifting through space helplessly terrified me. Now that I’m an adult, I think it would actually be an awesome way to go. Well, so long as I could make a quick exit before the oxygen ran out.

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