Yep! You read right, this is a section specifically designed for Enemies. I’m going totally 180′ on that whole Facebook friends culture. Democracy has many friends, and I’m sure that they know who they are, but in this section I want to focus on  the Enemies of Democracy. They’re lurking in the shadows, thinking no one will notice them, well you know what? I’m here to shine a spotlight on them. Enemies of Democracy, I’m calling you out!




[ the Media ]The Media lies, distorts, deforms, exaggerates,  and makes up the truth in  a veil of arrogance all done to sparkling-clean theme song jingles,  using fear and stupidity to sell you fattening minivans. All colorful metaphors aside, the media in general is in no way as impartial and objective as it should be. Journalistic integrity in a journalistic program? Whoa! Hey! That’s asking too much. It’s come to a point that a lot of people have started resorting to reading about the same event from multiple news sources, just so they can get the full picture.It’s all sparkle and no substance. The Media is an Enemy of Democracy because their priority is ratings, not contributing to a national debate.

Marshall McLuhan said that “the medium is the message”. Well, the way I see it, that’s a pretty cute way of saying there is no message. The Media is that vacuous.





[ Lobbyists ]Lobbyists are a bunch of thieves, period. The popular caricature would be to have them walking around, merrily throwing money at politicians. But I’m not going for that one, because it’s easy, and because it makes them look more innocent than they are. The money they throw at politicians is marginal, compared to the vast amount of wealth they get out of government contracts and unchecked access to our natural resources.

And banking industry lobbyists are even worst. With the 2008 financial crisis bailouts, they literally did, run away with taxpayer money.

Lobbyists are Enemies of Democracy  because they give corporations a disproportionately big control over government. Corporations are not people, they’re man-made concepts who don’t deserve the right to vote.




[ monarchy ]You would think that would be an obvious one. Monarchy goes against everything that’s democratic, because, by its very definition, it’s the polar opposite of what a Democracy is.  Nobody is born superior. Nobody deserves access to power solely for the reason of which family they were born in.

Yet, more and more, thru dubious pop-culture methods, monarchy not only manages to stay relevant, but shamefully enough, keeps acting like it’s still has authority over us lowly proletariats. Monarchs are like politicians, they’re fair game. If someone wants to act all loyal to those figurative figureheads, it’s on them. But those royalists need to understand that I’m not required to have loyalty to royalty, any more than they’re required to have loyalty to Richard Nixon, or Jar Jar Binks.




[ voter saturation]Voter Saturation is referring to the idea that the average person is asked to vote on  quite a lot of things, and that creates voter fatigue. People vote on who gets removed from their favorite televised karaoke contest. People vote on whether their brand of potato chip stays with the current package or goes back to its original look. People vote on which characters should be included in the latest installment of some popular video game franchise. And that’ s on top of all the voting required for Municipal/Provincial-State/Federal level. People get tired. They stop bothering.

I wanted to shine a spotlight on Voter Saturation as being an Enemy of democracy, because in the end, people are asked to vote on so many trivial things, that the one time they’re asked to vote on something worthwhile, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.





NATNOTE:  BTW, I’m not completely done with this section yet! BWOOHAHA!      :D

4 responses to “ENEMIES

  1. What? So now The Establishment sucks? When did that happen and why weren’t we told? Oh, yeah … right… duh.

  2. And the tricky part is that it only sucks when it’s the other person’s Establishment. When it’s your Establishment, it’s totally cool.

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