As the name might imply, this is a gallery of propaganda posters. Some of those posters might be famous pieces I updated, others  I’ve made from scratch. I like propaganda, because it lacks any subtlety. It’s basically someone  trying to knock you over the head with the message as if their words and images were a sledge-hammer. Although not all the propaganda posters in this gallery are about pushing a message down your throat. Some of my posters might just be self-promotional, or even satirical to a level that’s not meant to be taken seriously. Here’s to hoping everyone will have the mental flexibility to understand that. But if you don’t, and you feel like getting all insulted and flustered about it, please go right ahead, and be my guest!

Here we have some famous WWII propaganda posters that I cannibalized and updated for the cause.

HesWatchingYou-WW2 Propaganda Poster




All the posters in the section below should be taken literally, the author is in no way trying to make a comment using a metaphor.


I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to write what you think in the comments section, but be careful what you say though, because as you know: THE CORPORATIONS ARE WATCHING…


11 responses to “PROPAGANDA

  1. Straight forward and it s nice to see the transition from old to new

  2. Hey, I like the gallery

    When i walk down the streets in my neighborhood, I can see most residents have their eyes glued to the screen… TELEVISION! Biggest propaganda machine ever.. TODAY’S CHURCH!

    In contrast to sunday church and being “told” what to think, here, there is no moral or social “obligation” to the weekly brainwash ceremony. The people are more than willing to submit themselves to a daily bombardment of slogans and ideals!!

    They work great in so many situations, some good, some bad..

    • THX! Yeah, I agree, people sign up willingly to be told what to think with the old idiot box. It’s the ultimate tool of propaganda.

      I seem to remember something about brain scans being performed on people watching TV, and that the study came to the conclusion that people that are sleeping have more brain activity going on.

  3. I think the best visual metaphor for the uselessness of television was when we had the switch to HD, and the streets of poor neighbourhoods were litered with broken analog tv sets, that people weren’t able to get rid of…

    *** For 2D platformer commentary on the uselessness of television, please visit the LittleBigPlanet level I designed on that subject : ” TV BLOWOUT ” .

  4. no good blaming television, i only watch current events, documentaries, and filter everything thru the BS analyzer.
    now i am looking at your site.
    sometimes i envy the deluded fools who get pleasure from “fat renovated dancing chefs”

  5. Proud owner of a TVless and radioless home for the past 5 years. It brought me to a completely different level of thinking and decision making. I’ve decided to live my life at it’s fullest instead of watching others living it. Def one of my top 5 decisions ever made as of yet :-)

    ps. I have to admit though, when I find myself in front on a TV, regardless of the intelligence behind the show that’s playing, I literally freeze and stare at it like its talking to my soul – haha! I have to agree with lebrin its the new church..their power blinds people. Be aware!

  6. Kudos for going cold turkey! I got to admit, TV is a conversation-killing black hole. It just sucks the life out of a room. I’ve been TV signal free since the switch to HD. And just re-organizing my living room in a way that the TV set doesn’t dominate the design, also makes a huge difference!

    BTW: For anyone interested, TV turnoff week has been announced for 0-13 and 0-14. It’s April 29th to May 5th 2013
    and April 28th to May 4th 2014. Actually, I should probably do an entire post about it… :D

    • since 2009 i have been collecting podcasts. now i have about 7000 podcasts spanning every interesting facet
      of human knowledge…..this is my amusement and education.
      the TV comes a poor second.
      enjoy, rejoice and something or other,

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