technology4democracy statement of principles

Nov 5th, 2011

-We believe in the right to self-determination of the electorate. If we’re paying for it, we should be able to have a say in it.

-We refuse to recognize representative democracies as being real democracies. In a representative democracy you get to decide who’s gonna be deciding for you. In a real democracy, you get to decide for yourself.

-We’re going to make a point about calling out the media and politicians who don’t seem to understand the difference between a democracy, and a representative democracy, and give them an education about it.

-We believe in promoting digital democracies and direct democracies over the outdated representative democracy model.

-We reject all forms of physical violence as being anti-democratic. We believe that current tools of communication, used properly, can have more of an impact than a bomb in a building.


22 responses to “technology4democracy statement of principles

  1. Let’s try and find the way. Everyone knows Representative Democracy has been high jacked by Big money & Corporate special interests.

    • Representative democracy should be high jacked by proportional representation, period!

      • I second that motion. Once we have proportional representation we should strive for direct democracy, like they have in some European countries.With direct democracy, a referendum is held whenever there’s a divisive law, or a deadlock in parliament. If Canada had been a direct democracy, it would have been the electorate that would have decided who stays in power, not the Queen of England’s representative.

        And after that, the next step is to strive for a digital democracy, where the electorate can vote on all law projects and government initiatives.

        • All Democratic systems with Proportional Representation have another set of problems. They require Coalitions of several smaller parties.

          Israel has Proportional Representation to the extent government and opinion is so fractured, the majority mainline moderate parties can be held hostage to the demands of extreme minorities.

          • True. But I still think it`s a step in the right direction. If we had proportional representation, Harper, not having the majority of the vote, would be required to collaborate with the other parties. Instead of us being required to put up with him prancing around, saying that Canadians gave him a “strong and clear mandate”. When it’s clearly not the case…

            • Some 60% of Canadians did not vote for Harper and he got a substantial majority with the minority 40% vote. If you count the additional 40% of Canadians who did not bother to vote at all, let alone for Harper, he got power with an even smaller minority.

              It’s a lie the Conservatives propagate when they claim overwhelming support from Canadians.

      • Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those cnvoos? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend. (But you know that already right?)

  2. 1 of my favorite hip-hop artists once said..

    I take the lead out of the bullet and I put it in the pencil..( pop culture reference see Method Man from the album Tical the Prequel.)

    We do not live in any form of democracy.. I believe that, here, again the media has failed us..

    Dean continuously submerged and over flooded with American news and politics has led Canadians in great dissolution..

    We are home to the British loyalists.. We are by far a democracy.. We are a constitutional monarchy led by a Governor General who has the right to veto anything in the Queen’s favor

    • Exactly! We’re democracy-flavored, but that’s just a sprinkling of pizzaz to keep the subservant worker-class in place.

      Yeah, don’t get me started on the GG. I remember our last, beloved, Governor General lecturing us little people about how a democracy works. I mean, right after the GG squashed a legitimate coalition that stood for the majority of of the people’s representative, in favor of keeping in power someone that represented a much smaller percentage of the electorate.
      That’s what you’d expect in a monarchy, not in a democracy.

      Good Method Man quote there.

      • He’s a lyrical genius.
        Crazy metaphors, cryptic ciphers, definetly has his way with the pen..

        I believe they need a major reform on the elections and the way they’re run. Representative democracy doesn’t stand for s*** in my books. The whole system that’s in place is designed this way on purpose. It has to be..


        • It`s similar to the way it was in the Roman era. Bread and games to keep the population happy. In our case, it`s a welfare and boob-tube combo to keep taxpayers from noticing it`s actually the corporations that are in control.

          • I agree with Jitendra. Democracy is not a set of institutions. It is a mnseidt. If you think that there is only one to solve an issue and only I know it and until you follow me it will not be solved then you are,may I put it bluntly, an enemy of deocracy. If you believe that truth has many dimentions and it can be grasped from different points of view and one has to look at an issue from the best perspective then you are a democrat.Indian outlook has been democratic all along

            • You call the caste system democratic!?

              Let’s all remember that in India, societiy is divided into 5 different group.(social strada).. And the chance of 1 person making it from 1 group to the next is by marriage only which happens very rarely..

              Heres wikipedia def of cast..

              In India, the caste system is a system of division of labour and power in human society. It is a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.

              Historically, it defined communities into thousands of  endogamous  hereditary groups called Jātis.The Jātis were grouped by the Brahminical texts under the four well-known caste categories (the varnas): viz Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. Certain people were excluded altogether, ostracized by all other castes and treated as untouchables.

              Although identified with Hinduism, caste systems have also been observed among other religions on the Indian subcontinent, including some groups of Muslims, Buddhists and Christians..

              This is every “personsin the free world”s nightmare..

        • A great example of how there’s great will and oesnnpes to innovation, and achieving an homeostatic economy can be seen everywhere, and luckily for us especially in The Netherlands. It’s all ready and waiting to start harvesting the true potential of the wonderful ICT infrastructure that we’ve built in the ego-driven 20th century.So cut the politicians some slack Don’t play their current game of underestimating the other party’s willingness to engage in life as play. That’s the life hack; that’s the way to build a new OS that’s backwards compatible with the current powerstructure, not dualistically (rationally, leftbrainy, hypermale-y) opposed to it.We’re rising up to a new plateau in the history of the art of building civilizations. It sounds pretty huge if you put it that way, but it’s true! The real gravitas’ of the situation, maybe better termed interestingness’, can be seen if you delve into the creative sciences conscious of fundamental unity; especially vintage social engineering systems like the Mayan calendar. They found a way to operate in a whole-brained fashion together, just as we can now.Peace!

          • The Mayan calendar will always be a great mystery to me.

            Interesting analogy… To function like compatible operating systems, not to be such an intrusive and opposing force. Many generations spent lots of time arguing the rights from the sidewalk, in way of protes huht… …it’s never gotten anybody anywhere. To fuse and merge with the system, to infiltrated and change it from the inside. More of a cooporation instead of a grinding battle..

            But then, we’ve had many people who have brought us this “HACK” of hope. Many of them infiltrate, seldom change the system, most land up selling out…(..or get assassinated..JFK..Benazir Bhutto..and our beloved Mr.Layton)…

            There’s a movie called Salt Lake City Punk (SLC punk), it carries a lot of this flavor.
            I highly recommend it. ( If you’re into “we can all change if we all work together” type of thing…lol) ..I prefer Fight Club

          • Wouldn’t a digital democracy be the perfect backwards compatible OS to the present power structure?

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