My latest comic strip

actDD final[n]

NATNOTE: The candidate in this comic strip was rendered as genderqueer in order to be more reflective of the electorate.







2 responses to “My latest comic strip

  1. In theory that sounds like a good plan, but my personal belief is that we elect officials to make tough decisions, maybe even unpopular decisions. Imagine for instance that there was only one country in the world that manufactured mattresses. The source of all our sleeping comfort. What if, as a politician, who was well connected and informed knew that this country was guilty of atrocious acts against humanity. The vote was wether or not to continue importing these mattresses. If a politician were to ask the people, the majority would/could possibly want to continue getting mattresses. A good leader in theory would vote with his conscience rather than with the people in this case. That’s potentially what I elect someone to do… lead; by making right decisions because hopefully they are smarter than me.

  2. I love your example! I would indeed vote for comfort.

    The age-old dilemma is; are “benevolent dictators” better than a “Mob-rule democracies”? If we look at the issue of gay marriage. Stephen Harper got elected as PM for the first time, after vowing to reverse the ruling on gay marriage. But once he was in power, he did a complete moral 180′ on the issue, and shoved it down the throat of his conservative fan base. Not the most democratic thing to do, but the right moral thing to do. ( It was also the best opportunistic strategy for him… )

    And if we compare with how much struggle Obama is having with passing gay marriage in the U.S. , using the “democratic way”. We can come to the conclusion that democratic methods are not always the best option.

    My personal opinion is that I am not in favor, or against, dictatorships and democracies. I just believe that in either cases, as long as the people choose one option of governance, while being fully aware of what’s available, and are content with their choice, then that it is fine.

    The important thing is that people are properly educated about what’s available out there. Once a decision has been made, I’m ok with supporting either options.

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