**** UPDATED FEBRUARY 28th ****

the CHRONICLES of [ YOU ] one

Voting is now over! I’d like to thank everyone who participated. I’m really psyched about the level of participation. Take that, stereotype of  modern low voter turnout!! But seriously, big thanks to everyone who voted, and as well to the ones that just came to check it out. Huge thanks to the people that were so into it, they dropped their own write-in ideas for the next panel, that’s pretty awesome!

-Speaking of which, we had 5 write-ins, here they are in no particular order:


*** ( a sound effect reference I think )

-“Hurl the alarm across the room and clog my ears with paper.”

*** ( Totally! ^_^ )

-“Choice#3 if I lived in Russia”

*** ( A clever reference to the meteorite that fell in Russia that was on the news )

-“I get attacked by two cute cats no choice to get up.”

*** ( Meow! ) ^_^

-“Crush the alarm because I have radioactive blood.”

*** ( It sounds like 1960’s Spider-Man is one of my readers. Spectacular! )

-Anyways, I love that people put in write-ins. Write-ins will play a bigger role next time, I can promise you that. It was an interesting turn-out. The polls were opened for 16 days, at for the first 14-15 days it looked like “I would turn off the alarm, and go back to sleep” was gonna be the easy winner. So much so, I made a thumbnail sketch for it:

[ thumbnail ]

But at some point ( I should have paid more attention every day ^_^ ), there was a shift in the polls, and an unexpected winner emerged. Now here are the results in pie-chart format :

[ pie chart ]

… or for those of us who don’t like opening up diagrams: The winner is “It’s 5 AM and it’s a full sunrise, so once again I turn into a were-rooster.”

Woo-hoo!!!!  ^_^

-So without further ado, here is the newly duly elected new panel in context :


AAaaaaHHH!!! Isn’t democracy wonderful! :)  Well I hope YOU had as much fun participating in this project as I did. I gotta say, I couldn’t have done it without YOU. I think YOU’ve worked very hard, so I’m gonna put YOU on vacation for the next 3 weeks, YOU’ve earned it.  But next March 20th will be published the next chapter of the Adventures of YOU, so I hope YOU show up again, and show the world what only YOU can do!! ^_^


[ YOU ]

16 responses to “The UPDATED CHRONICLES of [ YOU ]

  1. BTW: This poll will be opened until February 27th, afterwards I’ll be drawing the “duly-elected” new panel, and updating this comic strip.


    • P,If the President looks weak and inept then why are his approval ragntis rising? Let’s just agree that you don’t like Obama and call it a day. For those of us who do like the president, I am confident we will have much to be happy about. As for GWB, it’s entirely appropriate to make comparisons. After 9/11 all we heard from the right was how vulnerable Clinton left the country and how GWB was going to fix it. Well GWB left us with an economy on the edge of depression. Our current president did what was necessary to turn it around. The comparison is more than fair, so get use to it! If you need any proof, look at charts showing job losses (growth) and GDP over the past 4 years. It’s not a pretty picture for GWB when you compare Obama’s progress relative to GWB.

      • The difference between Obama and GWB is like night and day. As a caricature artist I can say that GWB had so many flaws, it was almost too easy to make fun of him. And as far as Obama is concerned, it’s really hard to make fun of him, because I agree with most of the things he does.

    • anon.,Your comments in pts. 1 & 2 are historically valid, but the operations were not generally aimed at achieving world media attention. The operations were more mission-oriented, to achieve local success. Ditto point three on Riefenstahl, and one could say the same of Stalin’s propagandists, et. al.I contend there was something unique in the ’68 protest, which resonated far beyond those athletes’ intentions. Not that I feel that the athletes were responsible for the violence of ’72. What set their protest, and the resultant coverage, apart was the apparent sponteneity of it, and the victimology of it (the athletes stood in head bowed stance, without shoes, to indicate the oppressed stature of their people.)It was simply taken one step further by the Palestinians. From the athlete’s perspective, I’m sure they felt their actions were justified, and again, their protest did not enter the realm of terrorism. But it showed that an “oppressed” people can make their voice heard, even when they speak no words, providing the camera picks up on their actions. Terrorism is often, though not exclusively, the tool of the disenfranchised with nothing left to lose. It is often a tactic of desperation.Obviously, I do not believe all wars are wrong. But wars should address and solve problems, rather than causing greater problems to the hapless taxpayers funding them.

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    • I had a rather hard time chsioong just one type of physician I would want to work for. So many of them fascinate me, and with me not really going into any medical field other than support, I never gave this any thought in the past. After reading the list, I am more favorable of working for a neonatologist. It is difficult to think about how neonatologist physicians sometimes have the most difficult job in the world, but I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be a part of saving a baby’s life. I had a coworker once whose baby was born at 36 weeks, and her baby had a lot of heart and lung problems. There were concerns about whether or not they would ever fully develop once she had him, but after many months in the NICU, and many scares that happened during it, the doctors were able to save him and he is now a very healthy 5 year old. It is because of that I have a higher interest in the neonatologist field.I hate to say which type of physician I would care less to work for, and it is because I worry that many will take it the wrong way. When I was 16, I used to help my mom at an assisted living home as a caregiver. We would get to work at 7:00 A.M. every morning to prepare breakfast for four of the elderly men and women that we were caring for. We would then make sure that all bedding was changed, rooms were cleaned, meals were prepared, and appointments were handled. We worked 12 hour days, and they were always grueling. The owner of the home made sure that everyone had their medicine and made it to their doctor appointments on time. However, she was more worried about getting paid for her services than actually helping the elderly. She would yell at them if they did something wrong, and even call them terrible names. My mom reported her and we both quit our job, but it has always left a sting in my heart since then. It is because of my experience with that situation that I do not think I could ever work for a gerontologist. I know that the situations would be much different, but ever since my experience with caring for elderly individuals it is very hard for me to think about assisting a physician in geriatrics because I worry that someone else might treat the elderly in the same way the owner of the home did. I am a firm believer that the elderly deserve the ultimate care and comfort when going through any treatment and aging in general, but I do not think I could ever work in that environment again.

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  2. I can hardly wait to see the next frame. When I voted on notice of this, my selection was 50% of votes cast.

    • something that even a hard-boiled capitalist culodn’t deny. “It’s time we admitted,” he said, “that there’s more to life than money.” Cameron said it’s time to start looking at what he called GWB, general well-being. GWB, he explained, “can’t be measured by money or traded in markets. It’s about the beauty of surroundings, the quality of our culture .?.?. and the strength of relationships.” He pronounced the improvement of well-being as “the central political challenge of our times.”The first step in becoming happy is to be content with yourself and have a relationship with the others around you. Without this, there is no sense of community and a loss of culture compounds.This is what happened during the Industrial Revolution . Peoples, that can still relate to their village and community lifestyles seem to be the happiest even if they do not happen to be the most affluent- but it helps.

  3. Me too. I guess you always did kinda swing with the popular vote Ray…

  4. ah the life of a were-rooster…

  5. Love this ending i guess democracy is a good thing Nice work (N)

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