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We believe the people have a right to political self-realization. Since we’re paying for it, and that we finally have the technology for it, we should be able to have a say in all things related to our governments.

We categorically refuse to recognize representative democracies as being real democracies, and we are going to call out politicians and the media who fail to recognize that difference.

Deciding who’s going to be deciding things for us, is not the same as being able to decide things ourselves.

The politician’s power to create and decide the law needs to be taken away, and their role needs to be downgraded to the equivalent of debate moderators.


Yep, already one year! It was November 5th of last year  that I felt compelled and inspired to write this blog after seeing all those worldwide  protesters wearing those Guy Fawkes  masks from  the “V for Vendetta” movie and book. It seemed like every news channel was showcasing them. And as much as I respect the Wachowskis and their movie, I gotta say I much prefer the excellent book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

For those not familiar with the material, Guy Fawkes is the British revolutionary of the failed gunpowder plot of 1605.In which  he rented the basement of the British parliament, loaded it with gunpowder barrels, and as the story goes, he was caught just as he was about to light the fuse, with the entire parliament in session upstairs. And ever since then, the British celebrate Guy Fawkes night, also known as bonfire night, on the 5th of November.

” Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gun powder plot and treason, I see of no reason, why the gun powder plot and treason should ever be forgot”

And has it turns out, November 5th is also my birthday. The “V for Vendetta” graphic novel got published in the early 90’s, and it stayed a cult favorite for some time. Until 2006, when a major motion picture brought the story of ” V for Vendetta” to a global audience. And it didn’t take long after that for real world militants, like the occupy movement and the Anonymous hacker group, to start using the pop-culture imagery of the Guy Fawkes mask in the context of their real world protests.

And up until then my birthday had always been ordinary. But since those Guy Fawkes masks went viral, all of a  sudden, my birthday is the same as international Guy Fawkes day. And I remember this day last year, I was sitting around feeling inspired to do something political, and that’s how this blog ended up being created.

So, yeah, a year later, I’m still at it. I haven’t given up on it yet. Although I am thinking of mixing it up. Possibly take this blog in a new direction. Maybe try new angles, maybe drop more pop-culture related references in my  articles. We’ll see…

Here’s to another year!


NATNOTE: As much as I think “V for Vendetta” makes for great entertainment, I do not associate myself with the politics of the main character. I prefer to see successions in political systems that are done without violence or property destruction.

t4d got a makeover

EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA- READ ALL ABOUT IT!! It’s a brand new look, with the technology4democracy logo included in the design, and BEHOLD! This blog now has got 25% more propaganda then before! Actually, it’s just a 4th tab with the name propaganda on it. Click on it if you dare.  Also, I’ve upgraded this site’s URL from:

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…any-hou! Now you’re up to-date on my tek-makeover!  ^-^



[ I recruit YOU ] 3

Maybe that’s a little direct, but why not? I think the modernization of our electoral system is extremely important, because IF we’re paying for it, We should have a say in it. I’m tired of politicians starting wars, and getting involved in morally questionable international situations in our names,  at our monetary expense, and without any type of approval from us, the electorate. We have the technology for reform, and we can do better.

So yeah, that’s my pitch , these are my beliefs,and  that’s why I want to recruit YOU! And getting recruited now-a-days isn’t about showing up  at some church basement where  you drink cold coffee while planning your next pamphlet-handout session. NO, this is the digital age, and if one is to promote digital democracy one should use the digital tools available. You’ve visited this page a few times, or bookmarked it, or possibly even subscribed to receive email updates, well, congratulations, you’ve been recruited! And if you talk about some of the ideas within this blog to a friend, or have sent an email with a link to it, or simply wrote a comment or clicked on the “like” button, well, thank you, you just did the cyber equivalent handing out pamphlets for the cause. And the movement for digital democracy does indeed require “knights-in-shining-armor-excellent-premium-specimens-of-humanity” such as yourselves as cyber-militants to have a chance at spreading the cause.

But hey, if you  think  that our current politicians and  governments are doing a fine job, well, we want your opinion too. Everyone is welcomed to the debate. One cannot promote democratic reform without being willing to listen to both sides.

So, please consider this text as your digital draft notice, and please react according to the technological method  you see fit. TEN-HUT!!


[ YOU ] 3

technology4democracy statement of principles

Nov 5th, 2011

-We believe in the right to self-determination of the electorate. If we’re paying for it, we should be able to have a say in it.

-We refuse to recognize representative democracies as being real democracies. In a representative democracy you get to decide who’s gonna be deciding for you. In a real democracy, you get to decide for yourself.

-We’re going to make a point about calling out the media and politicians who don’t seem to understand the difference between a democracy, and a representative democracy, and give them an education about it.

-We believe in promoting digital democracies and direct democracies over the outdated representative democracy model.

-We reject all forms of physical violence as being anti-democratic. We believe that current tools of communication, used properly, can have more of an impact than a bomb in a building.