We believe the people have a right to political self-realization. Since we’re paying for it, and that we finally have the technology for it, we should be able to have a say in all things related to our governments.

We categorically refuse to recognize representative democracies as being real democracies, and we are going to call out politicians and the media who fail to recognize that difference.

Deciding who’s going to be deciding things for us, is not the same as being able to decide things ourselves.

The politician’s power to create and decide the law needs to be taken away, and their role needs to be downgraded to the equivalent of debate moderators.


  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Democracy this way that does not yet exist in any Nation as yet.

    A THEORY of governance which, in it’s purest form, holds that the State should be controlled by ALL THE PEOPLE, each sharing EQUALLY in PRIVILEGES, DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES, and EACH PARTICIPATING in PERSON in the government, as in the
    CITY-STATES of ancient Greece.
    IN practice, CONTROL is vested in elective officers as Representatives who may be upheld or removed by THE PEOPLE.
    MASS of the people.


    Part of the problem was identified by the Prophet some 2600 years ago;
    And Judgment is turned away backward, and Justice stands afar off: for Truth is fallen in the street, and Equity cannot enter.
    Isaiah 59

  2. Nice quotes Ray, as always. Yeah, that would be great if someday something to that effect was put into play. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to try Digital Democracy on a municipal level first, since the stakes aren’t as high.

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