*******  UPDATED APRIL 1st  *******

the CHRONICLES of [ YOU ] 2

The results are in! And as you can see, even though it was a tight race,  the “taking it easy option” won! Thanks to everyone who voted, to everyone who wrote-in an entry, as well as to anyone who just came to read this comic-strip! So, without further ado, here are the duly elected new panels in context:



NICNOTE: Credit to Mike St-O for coming up with the winning entry! ^_^

[ YOU ]

2 responses to “The ELECTED CHRONICLES of [ YOU ]

  1. Missing your bus is a blessing in deguise. Where you were once rushing to get to work, now you have a valid reason to call a cab, which means you get an extra 15mins to have a coffee… it was a totally reasonable option! IMO

  2. That’s why it got my vote. There’s a “modern life” metaphor in there, but I’m too lazy to invest the time to figure it out just yet. At, least, not until the votes are in. ^_^

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