6 responses to “IT’S NOT CALLED NAMEBOOK

  1. Michel St-Onge

    Good One!!! Power to the people!!

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  2. I am the worst with names… what was your name on FB ? Candy ? Nonetheless, I’m sad to hear that – but as always, you are so very talented to express your views / feelings thru your art, so thanks for sharing !

  3. Even if you use your real name, you still get banned. They banned me (even though my account was nearly ten years old, had a valid credit card with my full name on file, and had HUNDREDS of pictures of me and my family/friends uploaded over the years) because I abbreviate my last name to protect my privacy and prevent harassment. (The online group Anonymous targeted me several years ago by calling me multiple times a day at all hours of the night, playing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme, ironically because I defended a website owner who was gay, even though I am not gay. That incident led to me no longer using my full name online because that’s how Anonymous got my phone number – my last name is rather unique.)

    I provided Facebook with a scan of my state ID (though I removed the information they had not requested, as well as the rest of my last name because they didn’t need to see it, especially with my credit card on file). They still locked my account and refused to continue speaking with me (all they do is form letter you anyway, they don’t actually respond to what you say). To prove my point, here’s a direct quote from their final email to me (dated July 31st, 2015): “Until we receive an accepted form of ID that matches the information listed on the account we won’t be able to respond to this case or assist you further. This decision is final.” (And yes, I had already pointed out to them MULTIPLE TIMES that I had provided them with an acceptable form of ID that did, in fact, confirm the name I was using on Facebook. None of this mattered, of course.)

    Facist Facebook needs to go down. Maybe then other companies will respect the rights of their users rather than embracing Facebook’s Orwellian dream and dishonest practice of lying to the public about their abuse of the users they unjustly target and ban.

  4. Wow! They really went to town on you. In my opinion, facebook needs to stop acting like it’s a government agency, and to stop drowning us in red tape nonsense. The reality is, they’re just some heartless data-mining company who profits from selling their users private information. They have no heart.

  5. Sorry to hear about your family. Some people can be very narrow-minded. The important is that you’re living your life the way you want to. Oh, and I think I read recently that Facebook has now changed their stupid policy with regards to names.

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