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Am I ever so glad to be back online ( Knock on wood ). I recently ended up spending a month and a half without an internet connection ( The laundromat’s flaky wi-fi doesn’t count ). The phone company, the internet company, and even my landlord, like the stars lining up,  all seemed to have their own unavoidable, irritating systematic malfunctions that prevented me from being able to hook up to the web on schedule.

It makes you realize how much and how quickly one becomes dependant on technology. I can easily go months without caffeine or alcohol, but no internet access for more than a few days, and I start to feel like I’m drowning.

So yeah, I thought this little unplanned update would be a nice follow-up to my “SCREEN-FREE WEEK” article I wrote earlier this year:


So the moral of the story is: Willingly going off the grid for a few days makes for an interesting social experiment. Going off the grid for a few weeks because of a series of idiotic mishaps, well that makes for a very dry, vanilla, type of existence. Call me a techno-snob for saying so, I don’t care.


NATNOTE: Sorry if this entry ended up sounding a little negative, I’m actually totally psyched and excited to be back online, WOO-HOO!!  :D


2 responses to “BACK IN THE LOOP

  1. Welcome back! I can relate.

    I’ve been online for 15 years and every computer I had was given to me.
    The 1st one was a 365 with 26kps dial up connection. The last one given me was a HP laptop with a 40 gig hard drive.

    It died CanaDa Day weekend, and I was forced within a day to buy the 1st computer of my choice in my life.

    I got a fabulous deal! A brand new HP All-in-One Pavilion 23 with a 1000 gig hard drive attached to a 23″ screen at Cosco for $499. I have yet to discover all it can do.

    I couldn’t handle being offline for a day!

  2. Thanks Ray! :)

    26K ? That must have been quite the hot-rod back in the day. Because I remember being stuck on 14K for way, way too long. Like so long, it’s painful.

    You’ve always been ahead of your time Ray, when they give us the option to jack up to the web from a port at the back of our heads, “matrix-style”, are you signing up?


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