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~Well, here we go, here’s a second comic strip.  And as per usual, comments are quite welcomed!   [n]


It’s a quagmire of a querie, the unquantifiable question, a conundrum of complexity!  ..Well not really. It’s just a new poll!


[ I recruit YOU ] 3

Maybe that’s a little direct, but why not? I think the modernization of our electoral system is extremely important, because IF we’re paying for it, We should have a say in it. I’m tired of politicians starting wars, and getting involved in morally questionable international situations in our names,  at our monetary expense, and without any type of approval from us, the electorate. We have the technology for reform, and we can do better.

So yeah, that’s my pitch , these are my beliefs,and  that’s why I want to recruit YOU! And getting recruited now-a-days isn’t about showing up  at some church basement where  you drink cold coffee while planning your next pamphlet-handout session. NO, this is the digital age, and if one is to promote digital democracy one should use the digital tools available. You’ve visited this page a few times, or bookmarked it, or possibly even subscribed to receive email updates, well, congratulations, you’ve been recruited! And if you talk about some of the ideas within this blog to a friend, or have sent an email with a link to it, or simply wrote a comment or clicked on the “like” button, well, thank you, you just did the cyber equivalent handing out pamphlets for the cause. And the movement for digital democracy does indeed require “knights-in-shining-armor-excellent-premium-specimens-of-humanity” such as yourselves as cyber-militants to have a chance at spreading the cause.

But hey, if you  think  that our current politicians and  governments are doing a fine job, well, we want your opinion too. Everyone is welcomed to the debate. One cannot promote democratic reform without being willing to listen to both sides.

So, please consider this text as your digital draft notice, and please react according to the technological method  you see fit. TEN-HUT!!


[ YOU ] 3