The days of interchangeable belief systems

They say a democrat is a republican who never got robbed. And if they’re implying that one’s political outlook is generally directly related to one’s environment and life experience, I think they might be right.

I’ve seen people switch back and forth from being anti-conformists to being pro-establishment, from being federalists to being separatists, from being left-wingers to being right-wingers, from being fiercely atheist to being religious. Belief systems are like jackets. Some people dress the same way their whole lives, other like to play dress-up.

So, the good news is: Even thought there might be a lot of people right now that are against the idea of switching to a digital democracy, that doesn’t mean that this cannot be easily changed. You just need the right context for it, whether it’s a string of political scandals, or it’s the influence or  a neighboring country that’s running a governmental system with a little more legitimacy than ours.

*NATNOTE: That illustration is a sketch I made some 15 years ago or so…    And back then I had a hard time convincing my friends that one day technology might allow us to have a real online democracy, instead of the old rotary system of deciding who decides for us.  People said I was crazy. But some 15 years later, when we live in an era where internet technologies have infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives, it’s not so crazy anymore.


7 responses to “The days of interchangeable belief systems

  1. I agree everyone could and should be computer literate. Actually if you read the campaign literature in the article ‘ELECTIONS’ in my Blog, I was advocating evolving into this kind of Direct Democracy in my attempt to gain the Parliamentary Seat of Ottawa Centre in the 1997 General Election. Nobody listened! :)

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  3. I like the drawing it represent well what it is written!!!

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