Monthly Archives: October 2012

In defence of the politicians

Everybody hates them. Some people even take pleasure in despising them.  We trash their reputations and attack their character like it’s a national sport. We turn them into caricatures, pinatas and even Halloween masks.

But, ultimately, I would argue, we’re ending up with the politicians we deserve. Because, in the spirit of being realistic,we have to admit that  they’re doing a job that we’re too lazy to do ourselves.  We’re too lazy to vote, we’re too lazy to get involved on the political scene, and we’re too lazy to even care. For the first time in human history we have access to technology that would allow us a real option for self-governance, but we’re too lazy to rise to that challenge.

I believe we’ve reached a crossroad. Either we’re willing to make the effort to figure things out for ourselves and  get involved in a real democracy, but that would be a lot of work. Or, we accept that we’re letting politicians decide on our collective behalf, because the  fact is,  we’re too self-centered and work-shy to get involved. But in that case,  we probably need to go a little easier on the politicians, because the reality is, they’re doing a job we couldn’t be bothered with.

I would say that the average voter is like a 40-years old teenager that’s still living in their parent’s basement, one that has the audacity to complain that their mom doesn’t fold their laundry properly. Maybe, it’s time someone started doing their own laundry. Or even better, maybe it’s time for someone to move to an apartment of their own.

In the end, if we’re too lazy to go and figured things for ourselves, then we shouldn’t complain when politicians are mothering us to death.