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My angler fish metaphor

How much money are you worth to facebook?




According to the information I found, it comes down to about 5$ a month. And if you multiply that by the number of users that they have, it adds up to quite a lot of money for a data-mining company passing itself off as a social networking site. I guess it’s no wonder then, that facebook is so ridiculously aggressive with its advertising.




NATNOTE:  For those who want more detailed financial information on this: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-almost-20-per-user-us-and-canada-q4-2017-2

[ prosperity trickles down from the rich ]


**** UPDATED FEBRUARY 28th ****

the CHRONICLES of [ YOU ] one

Voting is now over! I’d like to thank everyone who participated. I’m really psyched about the level of participation. Take that, stereotype of  modern low voter turnout!! But seriously, big thanks to everyone who voted, and as well to the ones that just came to check it out. Huge thanks to the people that were so into it, they dropped their own write-in ideas for the next panel, that’s pretty awesome!

-Speaking of which, we had 5 write-ins, here they are in no particular order:


*** ( a sound effect reference I think )

-“Hurl the alarm across the room and clog my ears with paper.”

*** ( Totally! ^_^ )

-“Choice#3 if I lived in Russia”

*** ( A clever reference to the meteorite that fell in Russia that was on the news )

-“I get attacked by two cute cats no choice to get up.”

*** ( Meow! ) ^_^

-“Crush the alarm because I have radioactive blood.”

*** ( It sounds like 1960’s Spider-Man is one of my readers. Spectacular! )

-Anyways, I love that people put in write-ins. Write-ins will play a bigger role next time, I can promise you that. It was an interesting turn-out. The polls were opened for 16 days, at for the first 14-15 days it looked like “I would turn off the alarm, and go back to sleep” was gonna be the easy winner. So much so, I made a thumbnail sketch for it:

[ thumbnail ]

But at some point ( I should have paid more attention every day ^_^ ), there was a shift in the polls, and an unexpected winner emerged. Now here are the results in pie-chart format :

[ pie chart ]

… or for those of us who don’t like opening up diagrams: The winner is “It’s 5 AM and it’s a full sunrise, so once again I turn into a were-rooster.”

Woo-hoo!!!!  ^_^

-So without further ado, here is the newly duly elected new panel in context :


AAaaaaHHH!!! Isn’t democracy wonderful! :)  Well I hope YOU had as much fun participating in this project as I did. I gotta say, I couldn’t have done it without YOU. I think YOU’ve worked very hard, so I’m gonna put YOU on vacation for the next 3 weeks, YOU’ve earned it.  But next March 20th will be published the next chapter of the Adventures of YOU, so I hope YOU show up again, and show the world what only YOU can do!! ^_^


[ YOU ]